Warm Swiss Meringue Foam

Swiss meringue foam

French, Italian or Swiss meringue – what’s the difference? Of the three, Swiss meringue tends to be the smoothest and most stable. Here, we give you the option to create either a firm meringue or a silky meringue foam in the traditional Swiss style. A warm foam generally requires a bit more finesse to avoid … Read more

Wintery Chocolate Baileys Cocktail

Chocolate baileys cocktail

Perfect for the colder months, a cup of this wintery chocolate Baileys cocktail wraps itself around your taste buds like a snug blanket, warming you from within. A shot of a dark Zacapa 23 rum forms the base of this cocktail, providing a sweet and nutty flavour with hints of honey and chocolate. Meanwhile, a … Read more

Solid Coriander and Lime Sponge

Coriander and lime sponge

Coriander haters, look away, for this recipe is not well-suited to those who associate coriander with dish soap. The nutty, spicy aroma of the delicate green herb people either love or hate is front and centre to this solid coriander and lime sponge recipe. Meanwhile, a powerful counterpart – lime – balances the flavours while … Read more