Crispy Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable tempura

Be it seafood, meat or vegetable tempura, deep-fried tempura is a prime example of a simple and sophisticated Japanese snack. Encased in a light yet crisp batter, the centre remains juicy and tender while maintaining its irresistible crunch. Though classically served with a Tentsuyu dipping sauce, we recommend trying these shrimp and vegetable tempura with … Read more

Vegan Coconut Foam

Coconut foam

Coconut milk is a fantastic plant-based milk that easily froths up for a quick and easy coconut foam. Coconut foam is also exceptionally versatile, acting as an ideal cake topping, cocktail garnish, or a fruity dessert if served with some fruit. In three simple steps, the Smartwhip cream charger allows you to whip up a … Read more

Strawberry Mousse 

Strawberry mousse

A close contestant of the chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse is the lighter and fruitier version of the beloved French dessert. Sweet, silky, and so satisfying, strawberry mousse is also endlessly versatile – you can use it to garnish cakes and cocktails, to fill an éclair or serve it as a dessert in itself with some … Read more

White Chocolate Foam Easter Eggs

White chocolate foam easter eggs

Easter is filled with tradition, much like these Easter eggs are filled with a rich, multi-faceted layer of white chocolate foam. At the heart of these beautiful Easter eggs is a chocolate-covered almond that elevates the flavour of the white chocolate foam to new heights. The contrast between the silky white chocolate foam and the … Read more