Truffle-Infused Potato Foam With Mackerel

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You may be wondering what a potato foam is and how it’s different from plain mashed potatoes. For one, it’s certainly not plain. Enriched with a musky truffle aroma, it’s a truffle lover’s delight. Besides that, the rich yet lightweight mouthfeel makes it the perfect side dish for a decadent dish like this tangy, cured … Read more

Cheddar Foam Stuffed Potatoes

Cheddar foam

Deriving its name from the English market town of Cheddar Gorge, where cheeses were once matured in the natural caves, Cheddar cheese is the world’s most popular cheese today. And it’s also the life and soul of this Cheddar foam recipe. Mellow in character with a full and fine, hazelnut-like flavour, we’re serving this Cheddar … Read more

Cheese Fondue Foam

cheese fondue

Fresh baguette dipped in buttery, creamy, melted cheese – there’s nothing quite like it. Originating in Switzerland as a way to salvage stale bread and hardened cheese during the winter months, cheese fondue is an international hit nowadays. Using creamier counterparts to the traditional Emmental and Gruyère, at the heart of this cheese fondue foam … Read more

Hibiscus-Pickled Beetroot On A Feta Foam

feta foam recipe

Another Mother’s Day special is this hibiscus-pickled beetroot recipe served on a feta cheese foam. Dried hibiscus, when infused, releases a tart, almost cranberry-like flavour that is the perfect complement to the earthy beetroot flavour. Pickled in an acidic, cinnamon and rose syrup-enhanced brine, the beets are an absolute taste explosion. Served on a cloud … Read more

Rosy Cosmopolitan Cocktail With Triple Sec Foam

cosmopolitan cocktail

For our Mother’s Day recipe, we’re sparing none of the pomp and dazzle. Crafted by guest bartender Bruno Pereira, this rosy cosmopolitan cocktail features an aromatic vanilla and rose-infused base with a complementary triple sec and cardamom foam. Both beautiful and delightful, this cosmopolitan cocktail is the perfect aperitif to kick off the festivities.  Equipment … Read more