Churros With Dulce de Leche Mousse

Dulce de leche mousse

Golden, doughnut-like treats, churros are a crunchy classic. Originating in Spain and Portugal, churros have made their way into cuisines worldwide, each with their own unique, regional spin. Making churros from scratch is surprisingly easy, requiring just a few staple ingredients, a piping bag, a frying pan and a touch of finesse. While serving churros … Read more

Rich Lobster Soup & Foam

Rich lobster soup & foam

Eating lobster today is a real luxury, but that wasn’t always the case. When the first European settlers reached North America, lobsters were copious. So much so that prisoners were often fed lobster. Today, lobster is a symbol of luxury and a true delicacy. And it’s also the heart and soul of this recipe. This … Read more

Gazpacho Foam On Sourdough Toast

Sourdough toast

When it comes to sourdough toast, topping varieties are countless. Whether you’re going for a classic smashed avocado toast, a sourdough toast with eggs and bacon, or a simple bit of butter and flaky sea salt, it’s a win. A fun twist on the classic gazpacho soup, this refreshing gazpacho foam topping is a must-try … Read more