Our 1st Siphon Cooking Competition: Win a Prize With Your Best Recipe

cream dispenser competition

This month, we are organizing a cooking competition in which professional chefs have to cook a dish with the mandatory use of a cream dispenser.

We have invited some of the best chefs of several countries to participate, and they are all eager to show us their technical skills.

The winners will be chosen with the help of molecular gastronomist Rui Mota. They will win a prize worth €250.00.

Portuguese Rice Pudding Foam

Portuguese Rice Pudding Foam

Rice Pudding, Arroz Doce, is a traditional Portuguese recipe made with cooked rice, sugar, milk, eggs, cinnamon and lemon. Our version is transformed into a foam and accompanied with a cinnamon tuille. The rice pudding foam is light and airy, while the tuille is crunchy and provides a delightful contrast in textures. Equipment  Smartwhip cream … Read more

Nitro Drinks: 9 Crazy Things You Should Know

Nitro drinks

Nitro drinks are becoming more and more popular these days. But what are they, exactly? And how do they work? In this article we will discuss nitro infused beverages in detail. We’ll talk about what these drinks are made of, and the equipment you need to prepare them. So if you’re curious about it, read on!

Velvet Red Brownie

red velvet brownie

Red like passion, red like love, red like velvet red brownie. This cake is a scenographic version of the famous American brownie, the chocolate-based dessert with a moist texture and a strong taste. The cream cheese variegation and the additional earl grey tea foam turn this sweet into a feast for the eyes and the … Read more

Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Cocktail Valentines Day

Ever got drunk off alcohol-based spaghetti? Inspired by the romantic movie Lady and the Trump, the bartender Bruno Pereira created a cocktail spaghetti to celebrate love. If you’re planning a charming night, this Valentine’s Day drink will definitely help set the mood. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser  Fine sieve  Blender Syringe Pipe Ingredients  Cocktail … Read more

Vegan Dacquoise With Figs Foam And Agar Foam

Vegan Dacquoise Filled With Figs Foam And Agar Foam Recipe

The Dacquoise is a basic preparation of French pastry, with a slightly crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. A few millimeters high, it is used as a support layer for creams and mousses. Here we offer you a vegan variant, created with aquafaba and sunflowers and complemented by figs foam and … Read more