Molecular Gastronomy Spherification

Pineapple spherification

Molecular gastronomy is a mix of cooking and science. It uses scientific experimentation to break down food into its simplest parts, only to put it back together in new and surprising ways. Chefs are those who can find the right balance between flavor and art but don’t forget the showmanship that comes with this type … Read more

Açai Tonic Water

Acai tonic water

This homemade tonic water is made from lime and lemon zests, quinine, spices, açai and white sugar for a unique flavor with which you can create wonderful cocktails. It is an easy way to impress your guests, you only need the Smartwhip system for the water carbonation and off you go! Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  … Read more

Scoparolo Mousse

Scoparolo mousse

The cheese called Scoparolo takes its name from an old local tradition. In rural houses, it was custom to keep cheeses in cool places such as broom cupboards, since the cellars were already full of wine barrels and grain. This cheese was kept among the brooms (scopa is the Italian word for broom). Equipment  Smartwhip … Read more

Tiki Cocktail

Tiki cocktail

Tiki cocktails are a style of mixed drinks that were inspired by the flavors and the aesthetics found in the tropical islands. There is no real definition for what makes up one, but they usually contain rum, other toppings such as spices, fruits, and imaginative flair with elaborate garnishes. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser … Read more

Beetroot Mousse

Risotto wth beetroot mousse

A new way to experience the taste of beetroot. The earthy flavors of this pink mousse are truly worth savoring on top of a special dish. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser Thermomixer Sieve Ingredients  300 gr of beetroot 400 gr of cream Salt Lemon pepper Directions Put all the ingredients in the Thermomix and … Read more

Coffee Sponge

Coffee sponge for a dessert

A light and airy sponge cake made by using a cream dispenser and baked in the microwave. With just this one technique, you can create some incredible desserts. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser Mixer Microwave Ingredients  2 yolks 1 egg 1 spoon of soluble coffee 45 gr sugar 1 spoon of honey 30 gr … Read more

Cherry & Basil Vodka Collins

Cherry basil vodka collins blog

How to make Cherry & Basil Vodka Collins in 10 minutes? With a rapid infusion that makes flavored liquors almost instantly using a cream dispenser. Pour the infusion into a cream dispenser, charge it with N2O, swirl it, vent, strain, and drink. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser Bar jigger Boston shaker Hawthrone strainer Fine … Read more

Virgin Moscow Mule

Virgin moscow mule 2 1

The spicy taste of wasabi goes perfectly with the refreshing lime juice and ginger beer foam. If you want to be energized without any negative effects, you should add this Virgin Moscow Mule to your drinks list. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser Fine sieve Blender Shaker Ingredients  Cocktail 100 ml water 50 ml lime … Read more