Sous Vide -lohi hernesoseen kanssa

lohta sous vide

This recipe for sous vide salmon with pea purée is a twist on the sous vide experience. It’s easy to make and will take your sous vide salmon to the next level by infusing it with flavourful spices using the Smartwhip cream charger. This method ensures that you get perfectly cooked, moist, tender fish every … Lue lisää

Ginin ja tonicin pallottaminen

gin tonicin ja gin tonicin palloistaminen

The classic gin and tonic cocktail has been a popular drink for centuries, and it’s no wonder why. The mixture of the sharp taste of gin with the refreshing bubbles of tonic water is just perfect on a hot summer day. There are already many ways to enjoy this classic cocktail, but we had to … Lue lisää

Top 5 Best Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants

molekyyligastronomia ravintola

Osteria Francescana: Massimo Bottura’s Modern Artful Italian Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant Osteria Francescana is a restaurant in Modena, Italy, offering modern artful Italian cuisine. The restaurant was opened by Massimo Bottura and Oskar Kinberg in 1995. It has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2006 and it’s the world’s best restaurant of 2016. Massimo Bottura is … Lue lisää