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The Smartwhip System

Embark on your culinary ventures with ease, efficiency and creativity with the Smartwhip system. The complete system includes a Smartwhip cream charger, a Smartwhip patented pressure regulator, and a cream dispenser with a custom-screw. Not only is it an excellent package in practicing experimental ways of cooking, such as molecular gastronomy, but it also offers convenience to kitchen settings that require speed and precision.

Pressure regulator

Alongside the cream charger, the innovative Smartwhip pressure regulator enables precision to the gas release for cream charging which prevents wastage of gas that usually occurs while using traditional cream chargers.

Smartwhip Cream charger

Each Smartwhip cream charger contains 580g of high quality, food-grade Nitrous oxide. Due of the extensive amount of N₂O, Smartwhip cream charger has truly evolved to be the best kind among cream chargers in the fields of gastronomy and mixology, specially regarding efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about your N₂O supply for a longer period of time.

Cream dispenser and Custom-screw

The Smartwhip cream dispensers comes in aluminium and stainless steel. In the case that you already own a cream dispenser, the custom-screw patented by Smartwhip enables any dispenser to be connected with the innovative cream charger.