Chocolate Cake With Thick Caramel Foam

An impressive chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling and frosted all around is perfect for any big celebration! Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser  Fine sieve  Blender Candy thermometer Ingredients  Cake Unsalted butter, room temperature, for pans 360 g all-purpose flour, plus more for pans 594 g granulated castor sugar 180 g bio cocoa … Read more

Espresso & Chocolate Truffles

chocolate truffles

Do you love chocolate covered espresso? You’re not alone! Espresso chocolate truffles are a delicious treat that everyone loves to indulge in. They combine the rich flavour of chocolate with the bold taste of espresso, which makes for an unforgettable experience. The matcha powder lends an earthy flavour reminiscent of coffee beans and the cocoa … Read more

Port-Infused Tiramisu Foam

tiramisu foam

For this dessert, Chef Rui went back to his Portuguese roots to enliven the classic tiramisu with the richness of Port wine. The heart and soul of this recipe, Port wine is a sweet, rich, fortified wine typically served as a dessert wine. With this decadent Port-infused tiramisu foam, you get the best of both … Read more

Chocolate Soufflé

chocolate souffle

A chocolate lover’s dream, chocolate soufflé remains to be one of the most sought-after French desserts. Characterised by a lightweight outer texture and an undeniably rich and gooey centre, chocolate soufflé is like a cross between a brownie and a muffin, except better. A warm and comforting treat, using the Smartwhip cream charger, you can … Read more

Churros With Dulce de Leche Mousse

dulce de leche mousse

Golden, doughnut-like treats, churros are a crunchy classic. Originating in Spain and Portugal, churros have made their way into cuisines worldwide, each with their own unique, regional spin. Making churros from scratch is surprisingly easy, requiring just a few staple ingredients, a piping bag, a frying pan and a touch of finesse. While serving churros … Read more

Vegan Coconut Foam

coconut foam

Coconut milk is a fantastic plant-based milk that easily froths up for a quick and easy coconut foam. Coconut foam is also exceptionally versatile, acting as an ideal cake topping, cocktail garnish, or a fruity dessert if served with some fruit. In three simple steps, the Smartwhip cream charger allows you to whip up a … Read more

Strawberry Mousse 

Strawberry Mousse

A close contestant of the chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse is the lighter and fruitier version of the beloved French dessert. Sweet, silky, and so satisfying, strawberry mousse is also endlessly versatile – you can use it to garnish cakes and cocktails, to fill an éclair or serve it as a dessert in itself with some … Read more

White Chocolate Foam Easter Eggs

White Chocolate Foam Easter Eggs

Easter is filled with tradition, much like these Easter eggs are filled with a rich, multi-faceted layer of white chocolate foam. At the heart of these beautiful Easter eggs is a chocolate-covered almond that elevates the flavour of the white chocolate foam to new heights. The contrast between the silky white chocolate foam and the … Read more

Rose & Champagne Foam

Rose & Champagne Foam

Whether it’s Valentines, Palentines or Galentines Day you’re celebrating, this rose and champagne foam will have you feeling the love. A romantic dream of dried rose petals and champagne, the heart of this champagne foam consists of a delicate base of white chocolate which perfectly ties the sweet aroma of the rose petals in with … Read more

Fluffy Pancakes

Fluffy Pancakes

Is there anything as tempting as the mouth-watering smell of fresh pancakes on a Sunday morning? Crisp on the outside while soft and cushiony inside, these fluffy pancakes are in a league of their own. Whipped up with Smartwhip, this fluffy pancake recipe gives you the power to warm yourself into anyone’s heart. Give this … Read more