Scoparolo Mousse

Scoparolo mousse

The cheese called Scoparolo takes its name from an old local tradition. In rural houses, it was custom to keep cheeses in cool places such as broom cupboards, since the cellars were already full of wine barrels and grain. This cheese was kept among the brooms (scopa is the Italian word for broom). Equipment  Smartwhip … Read more

Parmesan Mousse

Parmesan mousse

The easiest preparation of the parmesan mousse. This intensely flavored mousse is made by adding flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano to simmering milk. It is perfect to be eaten alone or to top crackers or vegetables. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser  Fine sieve  Blender Ingredients  200 ml milk 130 g parmesan flakes Salt Pepper Directions … Read more

Smoked Onion Flower With Onion Foam

Smoked onion flowers recipe

Be inspired by the beauty of nature. A few slices of red onion can be transformed into a beautiful flower, and serve as a main course, accompanied by smoked onion foam, dashi and green oil. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Siphon  Thermomix  Fine sieve  Blender Sous vide Ingredients  Onion soup fluid gel  500 ml onion soup  … Read more

Tequila Bloody Mary With Basil Foam

Bloody mary

A Bloody Mary is a classic drink that many people enjoy daily. But what about when you are in the mood for something with more of an edge? This recipe puts a twist on the classic by substituting vodka for tequila and adding basil foam as garnish! The basil foam will bring out the savoury … Read more

Infused Olive Oil Foam

Olive oil foam

If you want to get creative and innovative with olive oil, then infused olive oil foam is the way to go. Olive oil is an essential part of every kitchen. Whether it is used as a dip, the base of a salad dressing, or to garnish a dish, olive oil can be found in almost … Read more

Port-Infused Tiramisu Foam

Tiramisu foam

For this dessert, Chef Rui went back to his Portuguese roots to enliven the classic tiramisu with the richness of Port wine. The heart and soul of this recipe, Port wine is a sweet, rich, fortified wine typically served as a dessert wine. With this decadent Port-infused tiramisu foam, you get the best of both … Read more

Mango Chutney Foam & Chicken Drumsticks

Mango chutney

Though there are countless types of chutneys out there, mango chutney is probably the most traditional of all. With its sweet, fresh tang, mango chutney hits all the right flavour notes. We’ve taken a spin on the classic and transformed it into a velvety foam that is just as versatile as its condiment counterpart but … Read more

Egg Yolk Foam & Brioche Soldiers

Egg yolk foam

Think of this egg yolk foam with brioche soldiers as a luxurious take on everyday eggs and soldiers. Instead of regular boiled eggs, serve this velvety, lightweight egg yolk foam with rich, buttery brioche soldiers. Whipped up using minimal effort thanks to the Smartwhip cream charger, it’s a simple recipe with great potential. For an … Read more

Churros With Dulce de Leche Mousse

Dulce de leche mousse

Golden, doughnut-like treats, churros are a crunchy classic. Originating in Spain and Portugal, churros have made their way into cuisines worldwide, each with their own unique, regional spin. Making churros from scratch is surprisingly easy, requiring just a few staple ingredients, a piping bag, a frying pan and a touch of finesse. While serving churros … Read more

Rich Lobster Soup & Foam

Rich lobster soup & foam

Eating lobster today is a real luxury, but that wasn’t always the case. When the first European settlers reached North America, lobsters were copious. So much so that prisoners were often fed lobster. Today, lobster is a symbol of luxury and a true delicacy. And it’s also the heart and soul of this recipe. This … Read more