Christmas Turkey With Injection Marinade

Xmas turkey with injected marinate by using a thin nozzle

Do you need Christmas dinner inspiration? Treat your loved ones with the traditional turkey recipe with a twist. Injection marinade is a method that flavors and tenders the meat from the inside and it also works faster than brining. Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Cream dispenser  Injection nozzle needle Ingredients  1,5 kilo turkey 5 liters of … Read more

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce is a delicious and versatile sauce that can be used as a topping for steamed vegetables like broccoli or boiled eggs. But don’t limit it to just those dishes – hollandaise sauce tastes great on pretty much anything! Equipment  Smartwhip cream charger  Siphon  Thermomix  Fine sieve  Ingredients  80 g egg yolks 50 g … Read more

Mango Chutney Foam & Chicken Drumsticks

Mango chutney

Though there are countless types of chutneys out there, mango chutney is probably the most traditional of all. With its sweet, fresh tang, mango chutney hits all the right flavour notes. We’ve taken a spin on the classic and transformed it into a velvety foam that is just as versatile as its condiment counterpart but … Read more

Cheese Fondue Foam

Cheese fondue

Fresh baguette dipped in buttery, creamy, melted cheese – there’s nothing quite like it. Originating in Switzerland as a way to salvage stale bread and hardened cheese during the winter months, cheese fondue is an international hit nowadays. Using creamier counterparts to the traditional Emmental and Gruyère, at the heart of this cheese fondue foam … Read more

Hibiscus-Pickled Beetroot On A Feta Foam

Feta foam recipe

Another Mother’s Day special is this hibiscus-pickled beetroot recipe served on a feta cheese foam. Dried hibiscus, when infused, releases a tart, almost cranberry-like flavour that is the perfect complement to the earthy beetroot flavour. Pickled in an acidic, cinnamon and rose syrup-enhanced brine, the beets are an absolute taste explosion. Served on a cloud … Read more

Whipped Butter

Whipped butter

Butter provides the characteristic flavour and velvety texture of Hollandaise and béchamel-style sauces or dessert toppings such as buttercream frosting. But the beauty of butter is that it’s not only ultimately comforting but also a vital source of healthy fats, vitamins and trace minerals. Many store-bought butter brands have a divine, silky texture, but nothing … Read more

Light Mustard Foam

Mustard foam

Whether you’re dressing tender greens in a tangy mustard emulsion, rubbing a mustard marinade into the leg of a lamb, or cutting through the thickness of potatoes, mustard packs quite a punch – and this mustard foam is no different. Softened by the addition of cream and butter, the mustard foam highlights the sharp, tangy … Read more

Creamy Sweet Potato Foam

Sweet potato foam

Warming, cosy and nourishing, sweet potatoes are a great side dish, main course or soup base. We’ve taken the classic baked potato and transformed it into a creamy sweet potato foam that can complement just about any dish. Best of all, you can easily make the sweet potato foam vegan by swapping the cream out … Read more

Grana Padano Cheese Foam

Grana padano cheese foam

A creamy, full-bodied hard cheese with a lingering aftertaste, Grana Padano cheese adds a nutty touch that accentuates a variety of dishes. With a naturally dense and somewhat flaky texture, warming the cheese up with some whole milk and cream enables you to create this savoury Grana Padano cheese foam which works marvellously as a … Read more

Potstickers with a Spicy Sesame-Soy Foam


Potstickers are the quintessential product of Chinese cuisine. ‘Steam-fried’ – briefly steamed and then fried, as the word suggests – these shrimp or veggie-filled dumplings obtain a divine consistency that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Accompanied by a sweet and sour, mildly piquant (or ragingly spicy!) dipping foam, these golden … Read more