Cream Chargers Wholesale: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to purchase cream chargers wholesale? Whether you're a startup looking to re-sell cream chargers to make profits, you work in the culinary industry, or you're new to cream chargers, you're in the right place.
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Cream chargers are crucial in the food industry because of their role in creating top-quality whipped cream. 

As more people gain interest in cream chargers, you need to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of cream chargers.  In this article, you’ll learn:

    • What cream chargers are
    • The uses of cream chargers 
    • Top 6 best cream chargers 
    •  What to consider when buying cream chargers 

Let’s dive in…

What Are Cream Chargers?

Cream chargers are steel cartridges or cylinders that contain nitrous oxide (N2O). Since their inception in the mid-1900s, cream chargers have steadily grown in popularity. Their capacity to release pressured N2O gas into liquids and aerate them safely makes them a fan favourite in commercial and home kitchens.

The nitrous oxide within the charger is responsible for charging the bulb of the cream dispenser.  Typically, a cream charger is about 6.3 cm long, 1.8 cm wide, and has a rounded tip at one end and a narrow one at the other end. The cream chargers are used as whipping agents in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

Uses of Cream Chargers?

Over the years, cream chargers have been used for various purposes, especially in the food industry. However, they are slowly becoming household names as people create their culinary masterpieces at home.

While there are many uses of cream chargers, here are the most common:

Culinary uses 

A recent trend among food enthusiasts has been buying cream chargers wholesale. That’s because food vendors use the gas from the charger to produce foams, meringues, soufflés, and other treats.

Nitrous oxide is widely used in the kitchen because it’s a colorless and odorless gas. Additionally, the gas reduces the risk of explosion because it’s non-flammable. The following are culinary uses of cream chargers. 

Whipped Cream

If you’re a big fan of whipped cream and want the best possible outcome, we recommend you whip up some with nitrous oxide.  Since nitrous oxide is clean and safe, you can now make your own cream without needing professionals. 

When you inject a cream charger into your cream, the N2O dissolves in the cream and readily reacts with substances like gelatines and fat  – which generate bubbles. The bubbles lead to a foamy cream texture that results in whipped cream. 

Furthermore, no artificial sweetener or flavor is required during this process. 

Alcoholic Cocktails

The forms that nitrous oxide generates are a great addition to alcoholic cocktails. Using cream chargers ensures the process is easy and quick compared to traditional methods of making alcohol cocktails. 

Moreover, the charger adds aroma, panache, and zing to the drink. 

Mousses and Desserts 

Although cream chargers are commonly used to whip cream for hot beverages and dessert toppings, they can also add texture to various sweet dishes’ components. Therefore, they are perfect for mousses and deserts at home and in restaurants. 

Infusing Oil, Sauce, and Alcohol

The N2O discharged from the cream charger is also valuable for infusing oil, sauce, and alcohol with various tastes. When mixing aromatics and alcoholic beverages, the charger increases the process considerably – the whole process can take a few minutes instead of weeks. 

It’s worth noting that infusion of sauces and alcoholic beverages using cream chargers doesn’t alter the flavor of your beverage.

Mockery Rocketry 

If you’re a model rocket lover, you might have come across cream chargers before. The chargers act as oxidizers for fuels like hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB).

Recreational Drug

Some people also use nitrous oxide in cream chargers for recreational purposes. In most cases, this happens when people are unable to obtain medical-grade nitrous.

Top 6 Best Cream Chargers

As new cream charger models continue coming out, it can be challenging to decide which charger is best for you. To help you purchase ones that meet your needs, here are our top 6 cream chargers. 

1. Cream Deluxe Cream Chargers

Cream Deluxe Cream chargers are a fast and efficient way to whip up cream due to their large amounts of nitrous oxide. The chargers are compatible with all types of filling systems and m11 pressure gauges.

Each charger cylinder has a pressure nozzle that removes all left-over gases, ensuring safe cylinder disposal. To get started with the charger, attach it (using your system) to your dispenser. 

Cream Deluxe Cream chargers usually come at significant discounts, especially for people looking to buy them wholesale. The company offers free shipping, and their packages range from 1 piece to 48 pieces.

2. Smartwhip Cream Charger

Smartwhip cream chargers are one of the best in the market for their high-quality nitrous oxide. They contain 580 grams of nitrous oxide and refill cream dispensers in the fastest and easiest way.

The chargers make your refill process easier without compromising flavor or aesthetics. Smartwhip has a pressure regulator that enables you to adjust the working pressure and prevent excess gas waste. Furthermore, the cream charger has a custom adaptor that can allow you to use it with any cream dispenser.

Smartwhip cream chargers have a wall frame used to attach them to the kitchen wall. Plus, it makes it easier to detach it for cleaning and replacement of the cylinders. It has a filling nose that connects the cream charger to the cream dispenser.

3. iSi Cream Chargers

iSi cream chargers are among the oldest brands in the cream charger industry. If you are looking for quality and reliable outcomes, these chargers are ones for you.

Usually, a carton of the chargers has 50 cartridges, each containing 8grams of pure nitrous oxide. These cream chargers are 100% recyclable steel, leakproof, and don’t expire. 

iSi cream chargers are popular for creating whipped cream and are a good choice for infusing oils, sauces, alcohol, and syrups. Although most iSi chargers are exclusively made for iSi cream whippers, they are also compatible with other brands.

Another feature that makes iSi cream chargers stand out is they are compatible with 0.25 and 0.5-liter dispensers. With 1/2 liters of raw product, they can produce up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream.

4. Mosa Cream Chargers

As one of the leading brands globally, Mosa cream chargers produce delicious creams and infusions. They are effective for whipping both hot and cold liquid fluids.

In terms of durability, the cream chargers are recyclable steel and anodized to protect against corrosion. They are also electronically weighed to ensure the measurement of nitrous oxide inside the cartridge is accurate.

Mosa cream chargers offer high-performance and can produce up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream from 0.5 liters of cream.  In addition, these chargers are compatible with any standard whip cream dispenser.

5. Kayser Cream Chargers

Kayser cream chargers let you whip up to half a liter of liquid cream. They are available in a range of quantities that include; 24, 48, 96,192, and 600 pieces of Kayser cream chargers. 

Kayser weighs each cylinder to ensure nitrous quantities match the exact amount indicated on their product labels. Their cream chargers are also non-refillable and come in recyclable steel.

Generally, cream chargers produce more than three times as much whipped cream as using mechanical means. Other than whipped cream, the chargers are perfect for creating infusions, foams, sauces, and mousses in almost all flavors.

You can find these cream chargers wholesale on all continents since the company has distributors in over 70 countries worldwide.  

6. BestWhip Cream Chargers

BestWhip cream chargers are also top-of-the-line when it comes to reliability and high-quality nitrous oxide. The chargers can make fresh and tasty whipped cream in a matter of seconds. 

They contain 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide and are compatible with most whip cream dispensers. These cylinders are of high-grade steel and have a silver coating to prevent rusting due to exposure to kitchen moisture.

What’s more, you can store BestWhip cream chargers in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

What to Consider When Buying Cream Chargers

Whether you want to buy cream chargers wholesale for commercial use or home use, you’ll need to do some preliminary research. With different whipped cream chargers available in the market, you have to be careful not to buy the wrong products.

Imagine ordering for a cream charger only to find out it’s not compatible with your whip dispenser. The situation can even be more disappointing if you make a purchase online due to the hectic process of making returns.

Here are things to consider before buying a cream charger:

Price of the Cream Charger 

Before buying cream chargers wholesale or retail, you should check the price and compare it with different shops. The most important factor is to get value for your money, and any product you buy should be worth the price.

Always keep in mind that you can get quality products at an affordable and cheap price. That means not all the expensive products you’ll find in the market are of good quality. 

If you want to buy cream chargers wholesale at a cheaper cost, getting a package with more than 120 cartridges is advisable. 


If you’re new to the market, choosing the best quality cream chargers can be difficult.  The numerous brands in the market make it hard to identify quality products even for the pros.

Consider buying cream chargers made of recyclable steel. They are durable and easy to maintain and don’t emit foul smells, making them suitable for commercial use. When getting cream chargers wholesale, try to test out a couple of brands before investing in the bulk.


The market has a variety of cream chargers from different manufacturers. So, you should opt for your favorite brand and consider your usage. 

Therefore, if you’re purchasing cartridges for commercial use, choose a set that contains 120 or more. And when buying for your household purposes, you can go for a cream charger with 24 or fewer cartridges.

Seamless Operations 

Ensure that you buy a cream charger that’s easy to use and meets all your needs. Even first-timers should be able to use it by just following the instructions on the manual.

Good quality cream chargers are comfortable to use at any time of the day. Also, washing them with soap or cleaning any traces of oil.

Should be Environment Friendly

One important factor is to check if the cream cylinder is recyclable or not. Make sure the brand you purchase is recyclable materials and easy to dispose of.

Cream chargers made of steel are the best when it comes to recycling. You can always collect the empty chargers, take them to recycling centers, or make art with them to avoid littering the environment.


Whenever you’re purchasing a cream charger, always choose the correct size. If you’re using a big dispenser, you’ll need a cream charger containing a large amount of nitrous oxide.

Even though 8g cream chargers are compatible with most dispensers, you shouldn’t buy a smaller charger for a larger container. For instance, a 16g cream charger will require a dispenser with a capacity of at least one liter.

Check on the Delivery

Purchase cream chargers from suppliers who offer delivery services. Moreso, if you’re buying online, then it will be more convenient for doorstep delivery.

When opting for online shopping and delivery of goods, always check the cost of delivery and time taken to dispatch goods.


Cream chargers are handy tools at home, hotels, and restaurants due to numerous benefits. The charger brand options suggested in this article give you a better idea on where you can start.

Although nitrous oxide in whipped cream is generally safe, it’s highly recommended you avoid foods or drinks with excessive amounts of N2O. That’s because excessive use of nitrous oxide leads to uncontrolled laughter, euphoria, and dizziness. It’s illegal for stores to sell the chargers to the public for inhalation purposes.

You can buy cream chargers wholesale online or at your local shops and stores.