Top 5 uses for a nitrous oxide cream charger

As gastronomic technologies, processes and standards have evolved, so too has the scope of what is possible within the bounds of a professional kitchen. Based on the interplay between tastes and textures, molecular gastronomy is gaining prominence in restaurants worldwide. But what tools deliver the best results in terms of flavour and aesthetic?

smartwhip cream charger system

Nitrous oxide cream chargers for professional kitchens

Popularised by El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià, the whipping siphon is considered to be a quintessential tool for the creation of original dishes with flair. But aside from the optics, a nitrous oxide cream charger can streamline several processes which especially benefit high-pressure kitchens. Here we present to you five functions that a nitrous oxide cream charger can perform to make the professional kitchen environment more flexible and exciting:

Rapid Infusion

Rapid infusion is a super quick and efficient way to induce liquids with intense flavour. Whether it’s an oil, an alcohol or a syrup that you are looking to infuse, a nitrous oxide cream charger allows you to do so in record time. By forcing the liquid into the pores of the infusing ingredient, this pioneering technique extracts flavour more efficiently and with more intensity.

Perfect whipped cream

The classic use for a nitrous oxide cream charger is to produce fresh whipped cream – it’s quick, it’s easy, and it tastes good. But there are other benefits to whipping cream with nitrous oxide: because the gas penetrates the cream as a liquid, the cream becomes aerated more evenly upon release. And due to its high-fat content, the foam is very stable. Using a nitrous oxide cream charger also allows chefs to control the consistency of the cream. Meanwhile, the gas acts as a preservative, allowing the cream to last in the fridge for up to 10 days.

raspberry mousse 1000


Similar to the process of rapid infusion, marination with a nitrous oxide cream charger significantly reduces the marinating time and injects the food with great flavour. As the pressurised nitrous oxide forces the flavours and aromas into the marinating food, part of the marinade diffuses into the food, making it more tender, flavourful and fragrant.


Foams can be packed with intense flavour without thickening the body of a dish or beverage. Using a nitrous oxide cream charger, you can put together various combinations of ingredients and almost instantly froth them up. Sweet, sour or savoury, the light foam is a sneaking taste explosion.


Finally, we have the mousse. In combination with a thickening agent, nitrous oxide can permeate substances and then aerate them upon releasing the pressure in the cream dispenser. Producing a velvety texture, it’s the perfect mouthfeel for both sweet and savoury combinations.

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With seemingly endless possibilities to shock and delight customers, chefs are embracing the virtues of molecular gastronomy with increasing confidence. And where taste and aesthetics matter, Smartwhip is at the forefront of the avant-garde.

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