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Delicate Red Thai Curry recipe with your friends or colleagues!

Delicate Red Thai Curry


Thai curries distinguish themselves from other cuisines’ curries in their use of herbs and aromatic leaves over spice mixes. While a Thai curry paste can be homemade using a pestle and mortar or a simple blender, a wide range of brands have made them readily available in almost all supermarkets. Warm, comforting and irresistibly flavourful, this aerated Red Thai Curry is perfect for dainty dishes and for playing around with the art of plating.


    • 2 tbsp red curry paste
    • 1 ½ cups coconut milk
    • 1 cup chicken broth
    • 1 tsp lemongrass, minced
    • 1 tsp garlic, minced
    • 1 tsp gelatine powder (or agar-agar)
    • 1 tsp xanthan gum
    • 2 tbsp lime juice
    • 1 tsp lime zest


To ensure a smooth cooking experience, please read the Smartwhip care and safety guidelines before usage.

    1. In a frying pan, brown the lemongrass, ginger and garlic over medium-high heat for about a minute.
    2. Add the red curry paste to the pan and fry the ingredients for another minute to fully unfold the aromas.
    3. Add the chicken broth, coconut milk and lime juice to the pan and stir the ingredients well until the curry paste has fully dissolved.
    4. Lower the heat and allow the sauce to simmer for at least 10 minutes.
    5. When the indicated time has passed, take the pan off the heat and add the gelatin powder and xanthan gum, stirring continuously to avoid lumps until the consistency is smooth.
    6. Strain the sauce into a cream dispenser, connect your Smartwhip and charge it to 17 bar. Detach your Smartwhip and shake the cream dispenser for 5-10 seconds to evenly distribute the gas, then put it aside for 5 minutes.


Release the Red Thai Curry atop freshly grilled shrimps, or serve it with a side of long-grain jasmine rice or rice noodles and a colourful mix of steamed vegetables.

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This recipe is an adaptation from Creamwhip AU.

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