Smartwhip Cream Dispenser Aluminium 500ml




If Smartwhip is present, the siphon can’t be far away – those two are partners in crime. Smartwhip siphons are sturdy, sleek and safe to use in any environment. Whether it’s a drink, a sauce, a marinade or a quick infusion you want to prepare, you’re in good hands with the Smartwhip siphon.  

    • Safe & durable design 
    • Easy to clean
    • Decorator tips included

Highest value money can buy

Made in Europe

Food-grade N2O (E942)

Purity tested at 99,98%



  • Professional quality: Made exclusively for Smartwhip in PCR, our cream dispenser is built for both professionals in the foodservice industry and amateur home chefs. Pressure tested at 33 bar by TUV Germany, our siphon is safe and reliable. 
  • High-grade aluminum: Made with durable, sturdy food-grade aluminum, the Smartwhip siphon perfectly retains the food’s colour and flavour.
  • Decorating tips included: Three different decorating nozzles and a brush for cleaning are included with every siphon to let the creative spirit reign free.
  • Easy-care design: Our siphon is designed for you to access all separate pieces quickly, making it extremely simple to take apart and clean.


100% stainless steel with silicone grips.

How to use

While the flow switch is still closed, connect the pressure regulator hose to the siphon, then open the flow switch to enable the gas flow. When the gas flow stops, close the flow switch, disconnect the hose from the siphon, shake the siphon, and you’re good to go!  

For a complete step-by-step guide to the Smartwhip system, click here.

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