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The versatility of N2O: 5 cooking techniques using a siphon

Rui Mota Smartwhip Workshop
Monday May 17th 2021
16:00 - 17:00 (GMT +2)

Master the art of cooking with N2O during our online workshop all about the versatility of N2O: 5 cooking techniques using a siphon. Join molecular gastronomist, Rui Mota, MSc., and become a true expert in using the siphon for your culinary ventures.

What you get from this workshop:

About the workshop

Hosted by molecular gastronomist Rui Mota, following this workshop, you will become an expert on the 5 fundamental techniques for cooking with N2O: how to make hot, cold and solid foams; what best practices to follow for rapid infusions; and the simplicity of marinating with a cream charger. Suitable for chefs of all levels, Rui will demonstrate each technique using simple additives everyone has access to in addition to an application of each method on a drink or dish of his choice. 

The workshop will take around 50 minutes, and a live recording will be available afterwards so that you can rewatch it any time. At the end of the workshop, we will also be revealing a huge surprise to all participants, so you do not want to miss out. You will also get a free recipe booklet and plenty of information on each technique to guide you along your molecular gastronomy journey. 

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Rui Mota Smartwhip Workshop