Buying Nitrous Oxide: Facts & Usage

There is more to nitrous oxide than just its chemical composition. You might be surprised to know that a gas notorious for making people laugh uncontrollably also has applications in the food and automotive industry. Nitrous oxide has wide applications in kitchens around the world. 
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The food industry has also increasingly started using nitrous oxide in different ways. Currently, demand for the nitrous oxide from the medical, electronics, food and beverage, and automotive sectors is rapidly growing. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about nitrous oxide and what drives its demand. 

What is Nitrous Oxide? 

Let’s try to understand nitrous oxide before we move to answer other questions about this gas.  In simpler words, N2O is an odorless and colorless gas. It also goes by the name “laughing gas.” This naturally occurring gas is inflammable and has multiple uses. 

The chemical formula for this gas is N2O. The boiling point of nitrous oxide is -88.48-degree Celcius, and its melting point is -90.86-degree Celcius. Nitrous oxide has a slight metallic taste and scent. One of the most intriguing things about nitrous oxide is that it is the most effective and safest medicine in the health system. 

Another interesting fact about this gas is that close to none is allergic to it. People with diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases, heart & liver diseases, or epilepsy can also use nitrous oxide without hesitation.

Most people make mistakes while using nitrous oxide for the first time. Make sure to take some professional advice before you try your hands on this gas! 

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Uses of Nitrous Oxide 

There is a bundle of ways you can use nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has applications in several industries. You’ll be surprised how different sectors are using nitrous oxide. This section will explore the uses of nitrous oxide in depth. So, keep reading!

Bartenders and Chefs

The food and catering industry is one of the largest consumers of nitrous oxide. Bartenders and chefs use food-grade nitrous oxide to prepare a range of dishes. Food-grade nitrous oxide is commonly available in liquid form. You can buy them in the form of single-use cartridges. 

N2O is a propellant useful for preparing culinary foams, marinades, cocktails, and whipped cream. The demand for nitrous oxide from bars and baristas has been skyrocketing in recent days. 


You might feel curious to hear that something that has a wide application in the food industry can also be helpful for aerospace. Yes, nitrous oxide helps in the launch of spacecraft. Engineers use nitrous oxide as an oxidizer in the process. 

Astronauts claim that the stability of nitrous oxide in room temperatures is what makes it so easy to use. Its different characteristics make it safe and allow easy storage. Moreover, nitrous oxide emits fewer toxins than other alternatives. 


It’s impressive how nitrous oxide is the secret behind the action in racing cars! You must have heard about the internal combustion engine. If you are not aware of it, let us tell you that it has a significant role on racetracks. 

Using the auto-grade nitrous oxide allows the car’s engine to burn more fuel. It provides a significant amount of oxygen during combustion. As a result, it will enable a substantial injection of fuel. It is also worth mentioning that it grants the car’s engine more power! 

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Why is Nitrous Oxide Used in Whipped Cream Chargers? 

One of the primary reasons manufacturers use nitrous oxide in whipped cream chargers is that they dissolve quickly. It can turn the liquid fresh whipping cream into a foamy texture within several seconds. Unlike the manual or mechanical whipping process, nitrous oxide can cram itself into the cream to add fluffiness. 

Typically, oxygen in the room can help you double up the volume of cream while manually whipping it. However, nitrous oxide can quadruple the volume of your liquid cream. N2O dissolves in the fats present in the milk faster than any other substance.

Besides, any other propellents are not safe to whip cream. Since nitrous oxide is relatively non-toxic, it is the best possible solution for whipped cream chargers. Because of the reasons mentioned above, nitrous oxide is the top choice for cream chargers. 

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How to Pick a Good N2O Cylinder? 

These days, there are hundreds of brands selling N2O cylinders. The variety of products available in the market make it tricky to pick a quality N2O cylinder. But, there are certain features that you can look for in a nitrous oxide cylinder. 

Below, we’ve listed a handful of desired features that make for an excellent nitrous oxide cylinder. 

  • Coating: Firstly, you need to consider the layer of coating of the N2O cylinder. It should have a powdered coating to prevent rust from moisture. These days, most brands adopt innovative technologies to offer rust-free nitrous oxide cylinders to their consumers. 
  • Durability: It is also wise to consider the construction material of your nitrous oxide cylinder. Typically, most nitrous oxide cylinders have a steel casing. Steel is one of the best and safest options when it comes to nitrous oxide cylinders. 
  • Warranty: If you want to be sure of the quality of your nitrous oxide cylinder, go with a seller that offers a warranty. Warranty is not only a peace of mind but also a remark of good quality. 
  • Reusability: You can also find nitrous oxide cylinders that are reusable and refillable. Fillable nitrous oxide cylinders are not only price effective but are also sustainable.

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Benefits of Buying Food Grade Nitrous Oxide   

Is it hard to believe that one particular gas can have so many applications in the food industry? If you are curious about the benefits of food-grade nitrous oxide, you’ve come to the right place. This section enlists all the benefits of buying food-grade nitrous oxide. Read them below. 

  • Purity & Quality: One of the reasons you should buy food-grade nitrous oxide for your food preparation is that it is of high quality. Food-grade nitrous oxide does not consist of an odd taste. Also, the quality of food-grade nitrous oxide is apt for the catering industry. 
  • Easy to Use: The food-grade nitrous oxide in LISS cream chargers is comparatively easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use a nitrous oxide cream charger. By simply following the instructions on the cream canister, you can use it appropriately. 
  • Wide Applications: Whether you want to make exotic cocktails or make delicious fluffy whipped cream, nitrous oxide is a secret weapon for you. N2O cream whipper or cream propellant is helpful for plenty of culinary dishes. Once you understand how to use it, the scope of nitrous oxide gas is endless. 
  • Safe for Catering & Food Preparing Purpose: You can use nitrous oxide without any worries. You should know that this gas is completely safe and harmless. It also happens to be non-toxic. Since it is non-combustible, you can rest assured while using it. 
  • Quick and Efficient Cooking: The best part about using food-grade nitrous oxide is the efficiency. Nitrous oxide is one element that can quicken the cooking process. For example, it can whip fresh liquid cream in a relatively lesser time than manual methods. Besides, it is pretty hard to master culinary foams. But, N2O makes it a cakewalk. 

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Best Places to Buy Nitrous Oxide 

Be it food-grade nitrous oxide or N2O for any other purpose, you should refrain from purchasing it from an unauthorized seller. For quality assurance, you should pick no one except a reputed seller. There are both e-commerce and physical stores where you can find premium quality and safe nitrous oxide. 

The best place to buy nitrous oxide are e-commerce sites like Alibaba or Amazon. Even while purchasing your nitrous oxide from these sites, take a look at the reviews. There might also be physical stores in your vicinity that supply this gas. 

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Smartwhip also supplies nitrous oxide cream chargers in bulk. In any case, consider the quality and seller reputation while buying nitrous oxide in any form. 

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What is Nitrous Oxide Used For in Baking? 

When it comes to baking, nitrous oxide can help in plenty of things. It is also used in the food and catering industry as a foaming and mixing agent. It is also worth mentioning that the most common use of nitrous oxide in baking is to prepare the whipped cream. 

Is it Illegal to Use Nitrous Oxide Canisters? 

Nitrous oxide is a pretty common sight in the UK. Also, using nitrous oxide is not illegal. But, most medical and food-grade nitrous oxide suppliers impose a restriction. A person under the age of 18 can not purchase nitrous oxide canisters or cream chargers. These restrictions are to ensure the prevention of misuse of nitrous oxide. 

Can Too Much Nitrous Oxide be Harmful? 

Medical grade or food grade nitric oxide is typically safe. However, overuse of nitrous oxide can be dangerous and harmful. If you expose yourself to too much nitrous oxide, you might experience diarrhea and stomach discomfort. In more complicated situations, individuals might also experience dark red urine and stool. 

What is the Content of Nitrous Oxide in a Cream Charger? 

Whipped cream can, or cream chargers use nitrous oxide for the whipping process. It is essential to know the nitrous oxide content in your cream charger before buying it. Typically, the nitrous oxide content ranges from 8 grams to 8.4 grams. But, the levels might vary from one brand to the other. 

How Much Does Nitrous Oxide Cost? 

It is a popular misconception that nitrous oxide is expensive. But, its increasing demand for medical and food applications has made the gas quite affordable. You can purchase a box of 24 canisters of nitrous oxide at the price of just 10 pounds. You can quickly get a good deal in online and offline stores that sell nitrous oxide. 

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Wrap Up 

Be it the medical, automotive, or food industry, nitrous oxide has proven helpful in different ways. However, if you plan to use nitrous oxide for your catering business, make sure to pick a food-grade N2O. There is a vast difference between food-grade and medical-grade nitrous oxide. 

Also, when buying nitrous oxide, make sure to follow the pointers mentioned above. We highly suggest you purchase nitrous oxide only from a reputed seller. It is a good idea to check out your favorite nitrous oxide brand’s official site for purchasing. 

Hopefully, this article could guide you enough to buy the best nitrous oxide for your purpose. 

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