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Rachel’s Tiramisu Dip recipe with your friends or colleagues!

Rachel’s Tiramisu Dip


Tiramisu is a timeless dessert made up of a creamy mascarpone base and soft espresso-dipped ladyfingers. Supposedly originating in Italy, the word ‘tiramisù’ can be translated as ‘pick me up’, perhaps because of the caffeine boost and sugar rush it provides. For this recipe, we reimagined the traditional square-shaped dessert to create an airy, deconstructed tiramisu that can be easily prepared with a cream charger.

Cream Ingredients

    • 2 egg yolks
    • 1 cup whipping cream (approximately 36% fat content)
    • 3 tbsp powdered sugar
    • 1 tsp Amaretto

Base Ingredients

    • Ladyfinger cookies
    • Instant coffee
    • Cocoa powder for garnishing


To ensure a smooth cooking experience, please read the Smartwhip care and safety guidelines before usage.

    1. Prepare a fresh brew of instant espresso coffee and pour it into a bowl wide enough to evenly dunk the ladyfingers.
    2. Whisk the egg yolks, whipping cream, powdered sugar and Amaretto in a bowl and strain the ingredients into a cream dispenser.
    3. Connect your Smartwhip to a cream dispenser, and charge it to 15 bar. Detach your Smartwhip and shake the cream dispenser 4-6 times to evenly distribute the gas, then set it aside.
    4. Briefly dip the ladyfingers in the coffee brew and neatly align them at the bottom of a clear glass baking dish. Dispense a layer of cream on top and spread it out evenly using a spatula, then repeat the process one more time.
    5. Once the two layers have been completed, sprinkle a generous amount of cocoa on top using a small sieve to avoid clumps.
    6. Place the baking dish in the fridge to cool for approximately 2 hours.


Neatly cut the tiramisu into evenly sized squares and carefully lift one out using a wide cake spatula. Serve the tiramisu with a few fresh berries and mint to add a touch of freshness to the dessert.

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This recipe has been adapted from Delishably.