Smartwhip Wall Mount


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Strong, sturdy, and so handy for a fast-paced environment, our stainless steel wall mount ensures plenty of unobstructed counter space and a safe working environment. Hook the cylinder onto the wall to keep the workspace free and clear, and unhook it in one swift motion when needed. 

    • Functional operation 
    • Improved safety
    • More free space

Highest value money can buy

Made in Europe

Food-grade N2O (E942)

Purity tested at 99,98%



In this package: 1x Smartwhip wall mount, 1x attachment part for cylinder to wall mount, 2x screws, 2x plugs.

  • Less mess, more space: Maximise your workspace by keeping it free of clutter and tumbling objects. 
  • Secure the workspace: Avoid dangerous situations by keeping your nitrous oxide cylinder away from hazardous areas. 
  • Sturdy by default: Impact, corrosion and heat resistant, stainless steel is a sturdy material ideal for an environment where delicate mechanisms have no standing.
  • Smooth operation: Manufactured and developed in the Netherlands, the functional design ensures that you can hook the cylinder onto the wall and retrieve it all in one swift motion.


100% stainless steel

How to use

Remove the pressure regulator from the cylinder and place the metal component with the hook around the head of the cylinder, ensuring that the hook points upwards. While holding the hook firmly in place, tightly screw the pressure regulator back onto the cylinder. 

Fasten the long metal strip of the wall mount onto a clean wall using strong double-sided tape or a screw, and hook the cylinder onto the wall mount.

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