How To Make Mousse With Whipped Cream Dispenser?

Are you on the quest for the perfect mousse? Well, the route to a heavenly mousse takes hundreds of trial and error at the least. Acing a mousse recipe that is lighter than air and has a rich and smooth texture is not exactly easy. The good news is that we are about to share a quick secret that can make you the connoisseur of mousse. 
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Have you ever wondered how bakeries, baristas, and mousse in advertisements look so attractive and smooth? You could bring to the table the best mousse in the world if only you used the right tool – a whipped cream dispenser. 

This article will help you learn how to make mousse with a whipped cream dispenser. Tie your apron and put on your chef hat! 

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The Process of Making Mousse with Whipped Cream Dispenser 

You’ll be glad to hear that the process of making mousse with a whipped cream dispenser is pretty easy. Not only will the mousse be ready in a few minutes’ time, but the texture that shall follow along too comes out heavenly! So, are you ready to explore the process of making mousse with a cream dispenser? Here you go! 


  • 200 grams of milk chocolate or dark chocolate of your choice
  • 200 ml heavy cream or whipping cream 
  • 100 ml cold full-fat milk
  • Amaretto (optional ingredient)
  • Vanilla extract or pod (or any artificial flavours of your choice)
  • 10-30 grams of sugar (depending on the level of sweetness preferred) 

Required Tools

  • Cream charger (2 for 1L, 1 for 0.5L). Do not bring CO2 chargers instead of cream chargers as that won’t work. 
  • Whipping siphon or whipped cream dispenser (0.5L/1L) 


Preparing the whipped mousse will take only 10 minutes or less. However, the cooling/freezing time is somewhere between 1 and 3 hours. 

Step 1: Combine All the Ingredients 

In step 1, you combine the milk, powdered sugar, heavy cream, and vanilla pod. You can add the powdered sugar according to your liking. In case the Amaretto-chocolate combination delights you better, you can go ahead with the Amaretto liquid as well. 

Melt the chocolate using a double boiler or through the microwave method. Once the chocolate cools, you can add it to the mixture and give it a gentle mix. 

Step 2: Charge the Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Now, add the mixture of all the ingredients to your whipped cream dispenser. You must ensure that the mixture holds no lumps, as that can end up clogging the dispenser. Thus ensure to sieve the mixture to get rid of the lumps. Be cautious not to make the mistake of filling the whipping siphon to more than the maximum fill line!  

Seal the whipped cream dispenser to prevent any leakage. Besides, make sure you put the right tip on the dispenser. Next, connect the cream charger according to your siphon’s size. Finally, shake well and put your energy into making the best mousse ever! 

After completing the above step, let the siphon cool in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours. 

Step 3: Serve! 

Once the 1 to 3 hours of waiting time is over, you can take your delicious mousse out of the freezer. Don’t forget to test the consistency of the mousse before you nozzle it out. If the mousse does not come out, let the dispenser sit at room temperature for a while.

Remember, you should only take out the mousse when you’re ready to serve the same. Since this recipe does not contain any gelatine, it’ll not hold its consistency for long. 

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Benefits of Using Whipped Cream Dispenser for Mousse

Are you still considering whether or not to use a whipped cream dispenser to make a mousse? We’ve listed out the benefits of using a whipped cream dispenser for making mousse. Hopefully, after reading the benefits below, you’ll be able to make up your mind. 

  • Rich and Luscious Texture: Most of the time, the hand whipping method cannot lead you to the desired mousse texture. Most people complain that hand-whipping the mousse takes a chunk of their time, and they still end up with a runny mousse. Thanks to the whipped cream dispenser, you no longer have to worry about finding any watery texture. You’ll find the mousse prepared with a whipped cream dispenser to have an extraordinarily silky and smooth texture. 
  • Easy to Use: Unlike traditional hand whisks, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort with a whipped cream dispenser. The whipped cream dispenser will also give you the desired consistency without any troubles or mess. Most users also claim that a whipped cream dispenser is also easy to clean. So, even if you are a first-time user, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.
  • Whips Quickly: There is no secret that the hand whisking method can take a reasonable amount of time to reach the right consistency. But, whipped cream dispensers can get over the whipping process in just a few minutes. Whether you have guests coming over, be it taking your mousse for a get-together, you can have your dessert ready in no time! 
  • Fewer Chances of Going Wrong: Through the hand-beating or other whipping methods, there is a high chance that your mousse might end up too thin and runny. But with a whipped cream dispenser, the risks of a liquid mousse are reduced significantly. In simpler words, you can never go wrong with a whipped cream dispenser when making mousse.

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Mousse Flavors with Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Do you want to pamper your taste buds with an exciting mousse flavor? Just like any mousse-making method, whipped cream dispensers also let you infuse a variety of flavors. Ranging from cliché chocolate to great strawberry key lime, you can make all sorts of flavored mousse with this versatile kitchen tool. 

  • Caramel Nut
  • Salted Peanut Butter
  • Cherry Cheesecake
  • Butterscotch
  • Lemon Cloud
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry Key Lime
  • Orange Cloud


How Can I Make Whipped Cream into Mousse? 

The process of turning whipped cream into a mousse is pretty simple. Since you have already beaten the heavy cream, the process would require only some additional cooking time. To make whipped cream into mousse, you need some milk, flavoring, and powdered sugar. 

Combine all these elements with the whipped cream and give it another whisk. You can infuse a flavor of your choice. After whisking the mousse again, freeze it for a couple of hours to let it set well. 

Can I Use 1:1 Proportion of Cream Variants for Mousse in Whipped Cream Dispenser? 

Ideally, it would help if you used a whipping cream or full-fat cream instead of single cream to make the mousse. Also, the whipped cream dispenser delivers a better texture when you use either of the creams. If you do not have sufficient whipping cream or full-fat cream, you can combine the two to make the mousse. 

Most of the time, this combination will make just as delicious a mousse for you. However, if you decide to use single cream in half proportion, the texture might not be the same.

What Should I Do If My Mousse Comes Out Runny? 

There might be times where your cream will still be runny even after several minutes of shaking and hours of freezing. The good news is that you can still fix it. The liquid cream generally might be because of an error on your side. Try to whip the cream after replacing the charger with a new one.  The cream might also be runny if you are not using a full-fat cream. Lastly, try to use the whipped cream dispenser after reducing the amount of cream inside the canister. 

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Wrap Up 

So, did you see how easy it was to make the perfect mousse if you have a whipped cream dispenser? One reason why we love whipped cream dispensers is because they can make the mousse-making process a cakewalk. All you need to do is know how to use a whipped cream dispenser properly. Moreover, it is possible to infuse tons of different flavors into your mousse even while using this tool.

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