The revolutionary cream charger by Smartwhip

Introducing smartwhip

Juggling the workload in a large kitchen can be stressful and often requires a quick pace. The last thing you need in this situation is to fidget around with a cream charger when seven tables are waiting for their Raspberry Mousse to be served. Thanks to the new cream charging system by Smartwhip, your creamy dessert dreams can forever become a reality!

Smartwhip system tooling bottle

Smartwhip is not a conventional cream charging system. Unlike traditional cream chargers that are operated using single-use nitrous oxide (N₂O) canisters, Smartwhip is a brand-new system that streamlines the functionality of cream whippers.

Comprised of a stainless steel cylinder filled with 580 grams of pressurised N₂O; a pressure regulator that allows you to adjust the working pressure; a flow switch for improved safety; and a custom easy-click adapter that makes the system compatible with all cream dispensers, the Smartwhip system allows for a diverse range of dishes, drinks and sauces to be prepared quickly and easily.

Smartwhip meter 500

Charging your cream dispenser with Smartwhip takes half the time compared to traditional cream chargers and has the added benefit of allowing you to release the specific amount of N₂O (food grade: E942) that you need. Not only does this prevent gas wastage, but it also enables you to control the amount of gas required for small and large-scale productions, to experiment with new cooking techniques, and to preserve foams and sauces for much longer.

Using the revolutionary Smartwhip cream charger, everything from Basil-Infused Olive Oil to foamy Red Thai Curries can be prepared in just a few minutes. Whether you’re running a 50-man-strong kitchen or a modest restaurant and simply want to experiment with molecular gastronomy, Smartwhip’s easy-click and super user-friendly mechanism is the ideal charging system for your next kitchen venture.

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Order your Smartwhip today and say goodbye to single-use cream chargers. Looking for inspiration? Visit our range of recipes created by chefs using the revolutionary Smartwhip system.