Cream Chargers Wholesale (7+ Places To Buy)

Cream chargers for wholesale prices is the most logical step for a business looking to acquire cream chargers in bulk amounts. In this blog you find more than 7 sellers of cream chargers for wholesale prices - start comparing and buying today!
Where to buy cream chargers on a map
Where to buy cream chargers on a map

As demand for nitrous oxide rises across various industries, the N2O market continues to soar. According to a Market Analysis Report conducted by Grand View Research, Inc., the global nitrous oxide market, which was valued at USD 805.1 million in 2016, is expected to reach a staggering USD 1.47 billion by 2025. With such numbers predicting a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.1%, it paints a bright future for the N2O market. 


Cream chargers in bulk amounts can be found online with ease, but which brand should you buy? We totally get that it’s easy to get lost in a sea of online shops offering the same products for different prices, so we will help you make an easier decision by comparing some of the biggest brands in the cream chargers wholesale market.

For the most part, rising demand from the medical, food and beverages, automotive and electronics industries is fast-tracking the market’s growth. But despite the growth of the N2O market, the cream charger wholesale market remains a fiercely competitive oligopoly.

Dominated by a short list of independent brands operating within fixed channels of distribution, the cream charger wholesale market is becoming increasingly difficult to penetrate for new businesses. What’s more, most chief manufacturers of nitrous oxide tend to work with few or even just one local distributor per country, presenting yet another challenge to starting businesses.

But with the global N2O market’s rising numbers predicting such a lucrative future, businesses are getting resourceful. But at what cost? In this post, we take a closer look at the state of the cream charger wholesale market, which brands are dominating, and how newcomers can make headway in spite of the challenges the market presents.

Cream chargers wholesale and its biggest players

1. Smartwhip

Firstly, we have the Amsterdam-based brand Smartwhip. As one of the first companies to hit the market with an oversized cylinder consisting of pure nitrous oxide – the equivalent of almost 80 disposable cream chargers – Smartwhip revolutionised the cream charger wholesale market by allowing for larger quantities of N2O to be transported at once.

Manufactured in Europe according to the ISO 11118:2015 certification, Smartwhip features top-of-the-line quality N2O. Operated using a handy pressure regulator developed in-house, users have full control over their gas consumption, making it the perfect option for caterers.

Smartwhip’s gas is Italian food-grade nitrous oxide purity-tested at 99,99%. Smartwhip it’s aluminium cylinders are produced in Germany and adhere to strict European manufacturing practices. More information on what is Smartwhip includes info on when it was invented, legality and how to use.

2. Mosa Industrial Corporation

Next up, we have the Taiwanese brand Mosa Industrial Corporation, which is one of the leading manufacturers of smaller 8-gram cream chargers. From the onset, Mosa invested large sums of money into the development of the 8-gram steel cylinder, firmly securing their place on top.

Furthermore, having developed automatic filling machines, Mosa’s factories are some of the most advanced, allowing them to produce in bulk at an unprecedented scale, and support cream charger wholesale businesses worldwide. 

3. Cream Deluxe

An up-and-coming young brand, Cream Deluxe has taken the industry by storm since launching in early 2020 and has opened up cream charger wholesale opportunities to businesses worldwide. Though they faced a few minor supply challenges at the start of their journey, the UAE-based company is continually upping their game.

Not only does their business model allow Cream Deluxe to supply home-cooks and caterers with cream chargers, but they can also supply companies looking to start their own cream charger wholesale business.

As of today, Cream Deluxe is not selling to consumers directly which they once did. Fast forward to 2023 they have added the Cream Deluxe Gold 640g aluminium cylinder and the Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2kg tank to their product catalog.

4. Exotic Whip

Eksotisk pisk is a food-grade nitrous oxide supplier based in Amsterdam offering a 640-gram cream charger. The Exotic Whip cream charger looks quite different than most: it seems to be smaller in height and a bit wider, which makes it look more robust.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor of their brand, you can fill out their wholesale form in which they ask you about your details to propose a custom quote to you. The benefits of these cream chargers wholesale is that you receive the best prices, have direct contact with their sales representatives and enjoy products from European soil.

All the Exotic Whip products are shipped from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. On top of the product shipping costs, ADR-goods receive an additional 25% charge on top. ADR is a classification and stands for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road. These are items and substances which may be carried internationally in road vehicles subject to compliance with several conditions laid down in Geneva by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

5. Fast Gas

Hurtig gas is an Amsterdam-based food-grade gas supplier with a product catalog ranging from nitrous oxide, to carbion dioxide and helium. Even nitrous oxide with a strawberry taste is found in their webshop.

In order to buy Fast Gas cream chargers for wholesale prices you must have a registered business with a valid VAT number. Companies’ and company-owners’ legitimacy need to be confirmed in order to become a distributor of Fast Gas cream chargers.

6. iSi Culinary

In terms of quality, the Austria-based company iSi Culinary surpasses most of its competitors. Its offering is vast and diverse and includes everything from 8.4-gram capsules of pure N2O to 8.4-gram CO2 capsules and 2.4-gram pure nitrogen chargers, as well as a range of siphons and accessories for culinary aficionados. And with iSi distributors dotted across the globe, iSi has earned itself a high post within the culinary scene.

Reportedly produced in an EU-certified pharmaceutical factory, iSi cream chargers are meticulously filled, promise to contain no oil residues, and are HACCP certified. 

7. Kayser

Also based in Vienna, Austria, Kayser has been at the head of the cream charger wholesale market from early on. Since entering the market in the 1950s, Kayser’s journey took a few unexpected twists and turns. However, since new management took over the company in the early 2000s, their production capacity scaled up enormously, allowing them to fulfil the demands of cream charger wholesale businesses.

Their offering now includes cream and soda chargers for wholesale and retail clients. 

tanks for cream charger wholesale

Thinking of buying cream charger for wholesale prices?

With brands such as Cream Deluxe making cream chargers so readily available, the N2O market too is becoming increasingly accessible to smaller retail businesses. Yet whether you’re already a distributor or you want to launch your own cream charger wholesale business altogether, it’s worth considering some of the challenges that lie ahead. 

Supply challenges

A key challenge faced by cream charger wholesale businesses new and old is that of finding a suitable manufacturer. The oligopolistic structure of the market has led businesses to work around rigid distribution customs by accepting distributor duties in countries outside of their bases only to reimport the cream chargers into the final destination at a higher price.


In addition to supply challenges, the distribution customs of manufacturers has led budding businesses to seek out low-quality factories from abroad. Without the means to check factory standards; the authenticity of CE certifications; and the quality of the final product, businesses have no chance of surviving, as a high-quality product is essential to keeping a business afloat. Finding a reliable supplier whose product you can test is therefore crucial for keeping the business solvent.

Product suitability

Finally, buying disposable cream chargers for wholesale purposes is highly inefficient by design. A pallet of disposable cream chargers contains 25,000 cream chargers per pallet at 500 boxes of 50 pieces. Meanwhile, a palette of 580-gram cylinders – the equivalent of 80 disposable cream chargers – allows you to transport the same as 40,320 cream chargers. To put it simply, you can transport 60% more nitrous oxide in one palette of large cream chargers.

transporting cream charger wholesale

The cream charger wholesale market is not an easy one to enter, let alone one to innovate within. Manufacturing and distribution practices are rigid; the competition, relentless. Even so, new brands are making strides toward more efficient distribution practices, opening up vast opportunities for cream charger wholesale businesses. 

Are you interested in becoming a Smartwhip distributor and get cream chargers for wholesale prices? Then kontakt os!