Schaumbildung mit einem Sahneaufschäumer

Schaum gehört zu den kulinarischen Künsten, die die meisten Menschen als schwer zu meistern empfinden. Der richtige Geschmack und die richtige Textur des Schaums sind oft schwer zu erreichen. Aber mit dem richtigen Küchenwerkzeug können Sie die Kunst des perfekten kulinarischen Schaums meistern. Mit einem Sahneschläger können Sie nicht nur Schlagsahne herstellen, sondern ein ganzes Spektrum an kulinarischen Komponenten. 


It’s time you put that whipped cream canister into some creative use. Classy cocktails, craft beers, and foam-topped savory dishes – you can use the foam made with a cream whipper in multiple ways. 

This article is all set to get (just a little!) molecular by diving into gastronomic foam-making with cream whippers. Let’s help you get equipped with the art of making foam with a cream whipper! 

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What are Foams?

A layman’s language would tell us that foams consist of a liquid that holds millions of suspended bubbles inside them. This amount of bubble is what gives the foam a spongy texture. Foams have a creamy and exciting feel. 

To make a perfect culinary foam, you have to have a liquid that suspends bubbles within it. The good news is that you can also make flavored foams for your beverages and savory dishes. Besides, there are thousands of ways to use culinary foams creatively. 

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How to Make Culinary Foams 

You’ll be relieved to hear that making foam with a whipper is pretty convenient. That’s not it! Most professional chefs also use cream whippers to make culinary foams. Below, we’ve mentioned the whole process of how to create culinary foams using a cream whipper. Keep reading!

Ingredients & Tool 

In this process, we’ll teach you how to make a flavored foam. Below are the ingredients that you should have for this recipe: 

  • Protein such as egg whites
  • Bitters (optional)
  • Water 
  • Sweetener 
  • Acid (lime juice works the best!) 
  • Cream whipper or whipped cream canister
  • N2O chargers 


  • Step 1:  In the first step,  add and combine all the ingredients in a glass except for the egg whites. Make sure to stir well so that all the ingredients combine properly. 
  • Step 2: Add this mixture to your cream whipper’s container along with the egg whites. 
  • Step 3: You have to seal the cream whipper with it’s lid in the third step. Ensure that the cover is tightly closed to avoid any possible leaks. 
  • Step 4: Shake it slightly to ensure that the ingredients mix well. 
  • Step 5: It is time to charge your whipper with an N2O charger and give it an excellent shake. Next, remove the charger and repeat the same step with the second charger. 
  • Step 6: Your foam is ready! Now you can use it to layer your desserts and beverages. 

Tips to Use a Cream Whipper to Make Foams 

Are you facing difficulties using your siphon? Don’t worry! We’ve highlighted some tips to use a cream whipper to help you get equipped with this tool! 

  • Make sure that you give the instructions that came with the whipper a good read. 
  • It would be best if you don’t hesitate when it comes to giving your whipper an aggressive shake. Also, it would help if you strained the liquid or fruit pulps for any lumps as they can clog while discharging. 
  • While  dispensing the foam out of your canister, invert the whipper on top of the food/dessert/beverage directly. Doing this will force the pressured foam out of the whipper. 
  • If the foam fails to come out in the desired texture, shake the canister for a couple of minutes and give it another try. 
  • Never overfill the siphon. Putting liquid beyond the max fill line will reduce the efficiency of the tool. Overfilling prevents the gas from mixing well with the liquid. 
  • Tightly seal the head of your cream whipper to avoid gas leaks. 
  • Vigorously shake the cream whipper so that the liquid mixes well with the gas. Remember, overshaking is also detrimental. 
  • You should place the cream whipper in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes for the best results. Also, avoid placing the whipped cream canister in the freezer. 

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How to Use Foam Made with Cream Whipper

Essentially, foams made with cream whippers can have several uses. Right from topping your deserts to making crafty cocktails, you can do it all using foams. This section highlights the different ways you can put that delicious foam to good use. Take a look!   

Adding Taste Profiles with Foams

Like other gastronomic techniques, the foam has several purposes that can enhance the dining experience. One of the essential purposes of including foam on a dish is the taste it adds. Moreover, foams also allow the chef to play with flavor. 

Creativity with Foams 

The best part about foams is that it allows you to get super creative! Foams offer a burst of flavors and texture to the diners.  With foams, you can resort to unorthodox cooking methods to offer the best flavor profiles. 

Presentation with Foams 

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that foams are one of the best elements to decorate your plate. Foam plays a considerable role in enhancing the aesthetics of your dish. In simpler words, the food will look more appetizing once you add foam to them. 

Preservation with Foams 

On the industrial level, the making of culinary foam using a cream whipper makes it easy to store the same for longer periods. The modern culinary foam allows an extended shelf life. It means that you can now make fresh tasting and yummier dishes. Well, that’s another reason to use a cream whipper! 

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What Gas is Best Used with a Cream Whipper to Make Foams? 

Cream whippers work best when you fill them with N2O chargers. Unlike N2O chargers, if you charge your whipper with CO2, your foam would lack texture. Nitrous oxide is the ideal gas to aerate liquids. Besides, nitrous chargers take comparatively less time to do the job than the other ones. 

Where Can I Use Foams Made with Cream Whipper? 

There are numerous ways to use culinary foams. You’d be surprised to learn how versatile these foams can get. Be it cocktails, appetizers, or the simple purpose of plating, foams have unique uses. Below, we’ve listed a few ways in which you can use foam made with a cream whipper: 

  • Plating tasty dishes
  • Adding it to deserts for enhanced mouthfeel 
  • Topping appetizers
  • Layering soups and other liquid-based foods
  • Amping up the presentation and taste of cocktails 

Can I Make Flavored Foams With Cream Whipper? 

Yes, it is possible to make flavored foams using a cream whipper. Thankfully, the process of making flavored foams is just as easy as making regular foams. You have to follow the same steps to make flavored foams as standard foam in a cream whipper. But, the only difference here would be the use of a flavoring or an essence. Flavored foams allow you to get creative with your dishes! 

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Once you try your hands on making foam with a cream whipper, culinary foam-making will become a child’s play for you. Cream whippers are versatile tools that should be present in every professional kitchen. You can prepare an array of things using this simple tool. 

It also makes sure that you no longer fret about making foam. The cream whipper takes the complexities out of the foam-making process. So, don’t delay and make yourself a crazy cocktail topped with foam! 

You can be the master of hundreds of cocktails, beverages, and desserts if you have a cream whipper by your side. Get your cream whipper from Smartwhip today!