Announcement: Smartwhip for sale on the new webshop

Smartwhip for sale now
Smartwhip, for sale on the webshop, is ready to serve you! Shop your first product on the Smartwhip webshop at a discount.
Smartwhip for sale now

We are thrilled to announce that Smartwhip, for sale in large and small-scale quantities, will now be available on the brand-new Smartwhip Shop


The last year has certainly taken its toll on the gastronomy industry as the lockdowns imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of clubs, restaurants and bars worldwide. 

With the launch of the Smartwhip webshop, we hope to clear the way for professionals and non-professionals dabbling in molecular gastronomy to pursue their passions and give their craft an edge – wherever they are. 

How, when, where is Smartwhip for sale?

Die Smartwhip Shop has been in the pipeline for a long time, as we endeavour to move beyond only selling Smartwhip wholesale and fulfil the needs of our complete customer base. The complete product range is available on the Smartwhip shop, while a dedicated wholesale section is open to businesses seeking to distribute Smartwhip. 

To celebrate the Smartwhip Shop launch, we want to reward our loyal customers with a 10% discount on their first order. Use the code WEBSHOP10 at the checkout and slash your complete order by 10%. The Smartwhip webshop will offer free delivery on every order above 30€ and ships to France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.

Smartwhip’s founder and CEO commented: “By opening our online brand store, customers can purchase our high-end kitchen products directly and can connect easily with our brand. We are happy to welcome every customer and are very keen on customer feedback.”

Smartwhip, for sale via the webshop, is available as a complete set comprising the Smartwhip cylinder, the pressure regulator, siphon and wall mount, as well as individually.

Our goal has always been to facilitate the cunning craft of molecular gastronomy, be it in a restaurant setting or at a dinner party. And as the exclusive vendor of the pressure regulator, we intend to make it easier for experimental home cooks to venture into the field of molecular gastronomy too.

The webshop with Smartwhip for sale is now live! But be warned – the first drop is limited in stock, so be fast or be furious. See you in the Smartwhip Shop!