Whipped Butter

Whipped butter

Butter provides the characteristic flavour and velvety texture of Hollandaise and béchamel-style sauces or dessert toppings such as buttercream frosting. But the beauty of butter is that it’s not only ultimately comforting but also a vital source of healthy fats, vitamins and trace minerals. Many store-bought butter brands have a divine, silky texture, but nothing … Read more

Strawberry and Mint Infusion

Strawberry and mint infusion

As spring draws nearer and the days get longer, farmers around Europe welcome their first harvest of strawberries. Lasting from spring to early summer, strawberry season is the time to get a chock-full of vitamin C and antioxidants. We created the perfect refreshment for the hotter months, bringing together strawberry and mint for an infusion … Read more

Impregnated Watermelon With Tuna Tataki

Impregnated watermelon

Impregnation in culinary terms refers to the process of soaking or saturating an ingredient with a substance. Using the Smartwhip system, we impregnated watermelon with diluted soy sauce to create the perfect umami – it’s complex, balanced, long-lasting and provides a mouth-watering sensation. Served with tuna tataki and shiso garnishing, you have yourself a perfect … Read more

Dalgona Matcha Foam Latte

Matcha foam latte

Dalgona coffee was popularised at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, so we thought why not switch things up with a Dalgona coffee-style matcha foam latte? Just as frothy as its older sister, this matcha foam latte has all the earthy tones from the matcha but with a tropical twist from the coconut milk. Easy … Read more