Cream chargers at double the speed and precision, with half the effort

The original large cream charger to increase your operation speed and precision with the help of an intelligent pressure release tool

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Alex falk
Alex FalkMixologist & Bartender
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"Working with Smartwhip is easy and intuitive, allowing me to focus on the creative process of cocktail making. I have discovered so many new ways of creating flavour through infusions and aesthetic elements such as foams, gels and more! I also like that I don't generate as much waste as with smaller cartridges."
Rui mota
Rui MotaMolecular gastronomist & Ambassador
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"My approach to cooking has always been scientific, paying close attention to measures and weights. The Smartwhip system offers exactly the kind of precision that I look for in a kitchen tool. Being able to apply the exact amount of pressure I want while making a foam gets me halfway to perfection."
Ruben bentvelzen
Ruben BentvelzenBartender and Mixologist
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"Charging is way faster, and you have little to no gas waste at all!"
Paulo gomes
Paulo GomesBartender & Founder at Monkey Mash Lisbon
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"Discovering this new technique of controlling the pressure in a siphon has opened new doors for creating foams and much more!”
Keren ruben
Keren RubenRecipe developer & Food blogger
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“I think that Smartwhip works especially well in industrial kitchens because it’s easy to fill and allows you to charge with the precise amount needed for the preparation. I assume this will allow the kitchen to be much more cost-efficient, but also to achieve the right outcome every time.”

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Benefits of Smartwhip

Are you ready to become a better chef by experimenting with texture and intensity of foams and rapid infusions? 

Let Smartwhip help you get full control of anything that comes out of your cream dispenser.

See how other chefs use the Smartwhip N2O system

Lisbon Bar Show 2022

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Check out our own aftermovie of team Smartwhip at Lisbon Bar Show 2022, creating molecular cocktails made with our food-grade gases. We introduced Smartwhip nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
Smartwhip Foam Workshop

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Check out a recap of how Smartwhip ambassador Rui Mota demonstrates molecular cooking with different techniques of the cream dispenser, with the help of the Smartwhip system.
Smartwhip Silver brand video

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Made entirely from aluminium, Smartwhip Silver is the most lightweight nitrous oxide cream charger available. Manufactured and filled in Europe, the sleek aluminium cylinder is corrosion and rust-resistant, guaranteeing the highest purity N2O. The cylinder is compatible with all components of the Smartwhip system, and can be thrown in the regular trash after use.
Chef Gino

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"The best way to use the system is together with the wall mount. The speed, precision and flexibility it gives you compared to smaller 8 gram cream chargers makes using Smartwhip a no-brainer."
Chef Francesco Arena

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"A super N2O charger, a nuclear reactor! Amazing foams, without using traditional cream chargers. You can do everything with it!"
Smartwhip Foam Contest 2021

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Smartwhip Foam Contest 2021 was organized with the help of Estoril Hotel and Tourism School (Portugal). The objective of this contest was to experiment with innovative and sustainable cooking techniques applied to gastronomy and beverages, all while keeping it environmentally-friendly.

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