5 ways Smartwhip improves kitchen efficiency

High-quality equipment, a disciplined crew and good planning are fundamental to a restaurant’s success. While in an ideal world things would always run smoothly, the reality is usually different; equipment unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of a dinner rush, the mint pea mousse doesn’t froth quite as consistently as last time, or the new rotisseur accidentally mixes the wrong marinade for the lamb shanks. Amidst this chaos, the restaurant manager is demanding five starters while bringing in five new orders – and you’re already working at maximum capacity.

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As a professional chef, your goal is to make a delectable dish as fast and efficiently as possible, while minimising mess and downtime in between preparations. Having a selection of reliable, high-quality equipment can significantly reduce preparation time, wastage and costs, improving kitchen efficiency and ultimately driving the profit margin up. But kitchen efficiency is less about speed, and more about streamlining processes, maintaining quality and improving convenience. In this regard, the Smartwhip-System is a game-changer set to reform the efficiency of restaurant kitchens.

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Improving kitchen efficiency with Smartwhip

Easy to use – Thanks to the innovative easy-grip filling hose which directly connects the cream charger to the cream dispenser, Smartwhip takes half the time to charge a cream dispenser compared to traditional charging systems. Meanwhile, the Smartwhip adapter allows for all cream chargers to be made compatible with the Smartwhip-System, ultimately upgrading your kitchen efficiency standards.

Fast – The 580g canister of nitrous oxide is perfectly sized for a restaurant kitchen and can charge numerous devices without the hassle of replacing canisters (or from having to use numerous single-use canisters for one dish!). Additionally, the Smartwhip-System is equipped with a wall frame that fastens the cylinder to the kitchen wall where it is quick to use or retrieve if necessary. This can prevent bottlenecks from happening in the kitchen as everything has its designated place, allowing the kitchen to run smoothly and efficiently.

Measurable – A crucial component of Smartwhip is the pressure regulator, which allows you to adjust the working pressure to the exact amount needed. This significantly reduces excess gas wastage as you can determine the precise amount of nitrous oxide to be released, allowing you to utilise your cream charger more efficiently.

Reliable quality – Achieving the desired consistency can be difficult using single-use canisters since the amount of gas cannot be regulated. Thanks to the Smartwhip pressure regulator those problems are long gone. And if you’re unsure, visit our pressure table to ensure that you always have the right consistency.

Cost-effective – In the long run, using a device that allows you to carefully plan and tailor your consumption is much more cost-effective. Additionally, Smartwhip is easy to maintain in turnkey condition as it consists of few parts which are easy to clean. This is key to running a more efficient and cost-effective kitchen as badly attended to devices tend to break much more easily.

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Redefine the meaning of kitchen efficiency in the restaurant setting with Smartwhip and get your Smartwhip cream charger now.

Check out our introduction video to see chefs in action using the revolutionary Smartwhip cream charger!