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Fluffy Pancakes recipe with your friends or colleagues!

Fluffy Pancakes

Fluffy Pancakes

Is there anything as tempting as the mouth-watering smell of fresh pancakes on a Sunday morning? Crisp on the outside while soft and cushiony inside, these fluffy pancakes are in a league of their own. Whipped up with Smartwhip, this fluffy pancake recipe gives you the power to warm yourself into anyone’s heart. Give this recipe a go and brighten up even the gloomiest of days.


    • 125 g all-purpose flour 
    • 4 g sodium bicarbonate 
    • 4 g baking powder
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 3 egg whites
    • 25 g melted butter
    • 150 g buttermilk or whole milk 
    • 30 g sugar
    • 3 g vanilla extract
    • 6 g lemon juice
    • 5 g albumin
    • 7 g corn starch
    • A pinch of salt 


To ensure a smooth cooking experience, please read the Smartwhip care and safety guidelines before usage.

    1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender or using a hand-held mixer.
    2. Strain the fluffy pancake mixture into a siphon, connect your Smartwhip and charge it to 10 bar. Disconnect your Smartwhip and shake the siphon for 5-10 seconds to evenly distribute the gas. 
    3. Place a large frying pan on the stove and lubricate it with cooking spray or a knob of butter as the pan heats up. 
    4. When the pan is hot, turn the heat down to low heat, place a round cookie cutter in the frying pan and release the pancake mixture straight into the mould. Repeat as many times as the pan-size permits, ensuring that the pancakes do not touch. 
    5. Fry each side of the fluffy pancakes for approximately 4 minutes or until golden. 


Stack four fluffy pancakes on top of each other and drizzle some honey or maple syrup on top. Garnish your fluffy pancakes with some fresh berries and whipped cream, and they’re ready to be served!

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