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Smoked Onion Flower With Onion Foam recipe with your friends or colleagues!

Smoked Onion Flower With Onion Foam

Smoked onion flowers recipe

Be inspired by the beauty of nature. A few slices of red onion can be transformed into a beautiful flower, and serve as a main course, accompanied by smoked onion foam, dashi and green oil.



Onion soup fluid gel 

  • 500 ml onion soup 
  • 7 g agar agar

Green tarragon oil 

  • 300 ml grapessed oil 
  • 30 g tarragon fresh leaves (no stalks)
  • Pickle onion

Onion soup foam 

  • 500 ml onion soup 
  • 60 g egg white
  • 1 g xanthan gum

Pickle solution 

  • 100 ml mirin 
  • 200 ml dashi
  • 100 ml veggie stock
  • 300 g fresh red onions
  • 3 g edible smoke in powder


Onion Pickle solution 

Peel and slice the onions. Place the onion inside the siphon and pour the liquids inside for the infusion. Close, charge with 14 bars and place in sous vide at 55ºC for 3 hours. Then release the air pressure (by keeping the siphon upright with all the content sitting on the bottom) through the nozzle in safety and open it. 

Onion soup fluid gel 

Bring the onion soup to boil with agar dispersed on high heat in continuous stirring. Force the boiling point for 10 seconds. Then pour over a tray until complete jellification process. Cut in small pieces using a knife and place it inside a thermomix and blend it until smooth. Pass through a sieve and place inside a squeeze bottle.  

Green tarragon oil 

Blanch all the tarragon leaves in boiling water for 5 seconds maximum. Cool down in icy water bath. Remove and drain more moisture as possible. Place in the blender with the oil and blend on maximum speed until it reaches 55ºC. Filter through a fine sieve and reserve it.

Onion soup foam 

For the onion soup mix all the ingredients, pass through a sieve, pour inside the siphon. Close and charge with 6 bars pressure. Keep in the 64ºC water bath until usage. 


For plating, use the fluid gel to stick the onion petals allowing a flower to be built. Garnish with the tarragon oil and serve with the foamy onion soup. 

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