A Beginner’s Handbook To Cream Dispensers

There is no reason not to love a kitchen gadget that can whip fresh cream, prepare classy cocktails and make luscious and rich mousses with minimal effort. Yes, we are talking about cream dispensers. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur chef, you'll find it handy to have a cream dispenser in your arsenal.
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With these dispensers, every whipped cream dessert will have a perfect topping. If you have never used a cream dispenser before, it might look like a challenging task. Well, once you try your hands on this phenomenal kitchen tool, you are never going back to manual methods.

This blog post answers all the questions that you might have about cream dispensers. We’ll make sure that all the technical stuff behind a cream dispenser looks like a cakewalk to you! 

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What is a Cream Dispenser? 

You might have heard a few other names for cream dispensers, such as “canister” and “siphon”. The cream dispenser is a hand-held kitchen device that helps chefs mix several ingredients into a pillowy, airy, and soft texture. A cream dispenser includes different parts.  

Cream dispenser setup has a bottle that stores the meringue. This bottle structure uses either aluminum or stainless steel for construction. The size range available usually starts from ¼ liter and goes up to one liter. There will also be a gasket and a head valve on the bottle. The gasket ensures that the bottle remains air-tight. On the other hand, the valve is purely for dispensing the whipped cream. 

Then there are the nozzles or the tips. You can find tulip-sized or straight tips. The purpose of this tip is to result in beautiful swirls when you whip out the cream. Finally, a cream charger helps the fresh cream into an airy, light, and smooth whipped version! 

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Uses of Cream Dispensers 

There are hundreds of ways you can get creative with a cream dispenser. From sassy cocktails to lip-smacking hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, cream dispensers can help you make it all! The below section will elaborate on the uses of cream dispensers: 

Whipped Cream and Mousse

One of the most obvious uses of cream dispensers is to prepare whipped cream and rich mousse. The manual method of whipping cream is time-consuming and takes plenty of effort. But with cream dispensers, you can do the job within a couple of minutes. 

Besides, the texture and smoothness of whipped cream prepared using a dispenser are unbeatable. Baristas and even home cafes use cream dispensers these days for the best-whipped cream. 


Another unique use of these fantastic kitchen devices is for preparing batters. You can make fresh, bubbly, and airy batters for your waffles and pancakes using cream dispensers. Most of the time, a thick batter results in dense and poorly-cooked waffles and pancakes. 

You can use cream dispensers to make sure that your batter is airy and light. With batters made with cream dispensers, your pancakes are going to be super pillowy! 


If you have dined in a fine-dining establishment or gastropub, you would have indeed come across the word ‘espuma.’ In Spanish, espuma means froth or foam. In the world of cooking, chefs use this word to refer to warm edible foam. 

To prepare espuma, you can combine soup, stock, or vegetable purees with nitrous oxide and a thickening agent.  What’s more, cream dispensers come with an array of attachments that you can use to create an attractive plating with espumas. 

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You might be limiting the possibilities of your cream dispenser by assuming that they can only make solid food. The truth is, cream dispensers do a pretty good job of making tasty concoctions of alcoholic beverages. There is a crazy amount of cocktail variations you can create using this tool. 

Preparing bubbly and fizzy drinks would be a cakewalk with cream dispensers. Moreover, cream canisters add a refreshing taste and effervescent texture to your beverages. 

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How Does a Cream Dispenser Work?

Cream whippers or cream dispensers work in a pretty straightforward process. These dispensers carry nitrous oxide chargers that aerate the liquids. The pressure in the canister forces the aerated, foamy liquid out through the nozzle. You have to slip a nitrous oxide canister or cream charger for the dispenser to do its job. 

When you press the trigger or use the lever, the dispenser mixes the gas with the liquid inside the bottle. The combination of nitrous oxide with most liquids like heavy cream results in a foamy and light texture. 

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Steps to Prepare Whipped Cream Using Cream Dispenser 

Unlike your old-fashioned hand whisking method, using a cream dispenser means having fresh whipped cream in just a few minutes. Using canisters will ensure better-quality whipped cream for your sweet treats. Without any further ado, let’s show you step-by-step how to use your cream dispenser in the right way.

Step 1: Clean Each Part of the Dispenser Well 

First, you should clean the bottle, piping nozzle, gas cartridge, and screws with room temperature or cold water. Also, you must towel dry and wipe each component before moving to the next step of the process. 

Step 2: Choose the Piping Nozzle 

Unscrew the lid of the cream dispenser and keep it aside. Then, choose your favorite nozzle or tip and put it on the dispenser’s top. Also, you should ensure that you secure the nozzle properly on the dispenser. It is also wise to check if the gasket is correctly positioned on the bottom part of the head. 

Step 3: Add the Desired Ingredients 

You can pour the desired ingredients, such as whipping cream, into the bottle of the cream dispenser. At this point, you can also add your favorite flavoring or sugar. It is critical to ensure that you do not overfill the bottle. It is better to check that the maximum fill line hasn’t been crossed.

Step 4: Insert the Whipping Cream Charger 

It’s time to close the lid and make sure it is air-tight. Place the cream charger into the dispenser’s holder and screw it. While doing this, make sure that the smaller end of the charger is facing upwards. Next, twist the charger gently to allow the gas to enter the bottle. A subtle “hiss” sound indicates that the gas is out. 

Step 5: Shake It Well! 

Once you notice the hissing sound, you can let the cream charger stay in place or remove it. Then, it’s to shake things up in the cream charger. You can move the cream dispenser sideways or upside down or in any other way to stir things up. Shake the ingredients well so that the nitrous oxide gas mixes well with the liquid in the dispenser.

Step 6: Pipe It Out and Enjoy! 

Press the lever gently to extract the whipped cream. You can directly whip out the cream on top of your desserts or take it out in a bowl. In case the foam is too soft or runny, try to give it another shake. Finally, you can enjoy luscious and airy foam on your favorite drinks or desserts. 

Step 7: Don’t Forget cleaning  

Don’t dump away your dispenser after you’ve got the creamwha out of it. It’s time to bring the cleaning brush into the scene. You might not like the post-cooking cleaning stuff but, it is critical to clean your dispenser thoroughly. Once the canister is empty, take out the charger and other components. You can run the parts under the water and use a small cleaning brush to remove the residue. 

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Which Brand Cream Dispensers Are the Best? 

Are you looking for the best producers of cream dispensers? Here are some cream dispenser brands you can trust: 

  • Smartwhip: Smartwhip is one of the best brands currently available in the market. Despite being a fairly new entrant in the industry, they have outshined most old cream charger brands. From nitrous oxide chargers to dispensers, Smartwhip’s collection is extensive. 
  • Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO): ICO is a brand that has been in the market for 15 years. Their cream dispensers use premium materials for construction. Their years of experience have allowed them to set unmatchable standards. 
  • EurKitchen: This outstanding brand has been producing high-quality products for years now. Their cream canisters are highly versatile and easy to use. 

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How Long Can I Store Whipped Cream in the Dispenser? 

The answer to this question depends on the material of your dispenser. Typically, most dispensers use metal. The best part about metals is that they do not interfere with the liquid inside the bottle. As a result, you can store the whipped cream for 2-4 days. 

If you ask us, we would suggest that you store your whipped cream in the refrigerator. When you keep it in an air-tight container in the fridge, the whipped cream can last for 7-10 days. 

Is a Whipped Cream Dispenser Safe to Use? 

There is a reason why cream dispensers are not advisable for individuals below 18 years. You will come across many reported incidents where these whipped cream canisters have expelled the pressurized gas at a whopping speed that can cause injuries. 

The good news is that such unsafe models of cream dispensers are no longer available. So, you can buy a cream dispenser worry-free. 

Which Cream Should I Put In a Cream Dispenser? 

Most people think that any cream would do great with a cream dispenser. But, using any other cream other than whipping cream would be a grave mistake. Your cream dispenser will effortlessly work with the whipping cream. Your whipped cream will be ready in a few minutes if you use this type of cream. 

On the other hand, single cream does not have enough fat content to combine and work with the nitrous oxide gas. Also, double fat cream will freeze and set inside the cream dispenser. So, our advice is to use whipping cream for the best results. 

Why Is My Whipped Cream Not Coming Out Solid Enough?

There can be numerous reasons why your cream is coming out runny and not whipping correctly. You must first ensure that the lid of the dispenser is in the proper place. If it is not air-tight, the gas might leak out resulting in an incomplete process. Sometimes, if the cream charger is too old, the gas might not be effective enough.  

Lastly, runny cream might also mean that you have overfilled your dispenser. Filling the canister above the threshold(a marked line)would not give the liquid enough space to mix with the gas. So, check for either of these errors if your dispenser is not whipping ingredients as it should. 

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Having a cream dispenser as a part of your kitchen tools would help you upskill your cooking techniques. The endless possibilities of dishes that you can prepare using a cream dispenser is its most lucrative feature. Whether you want to make a meringue or a smooth batter for salad dressing, this tool can do it all. 

Moreover, now that we’ve mentioned a detailed guide on using this tool, you can try your hands on it. So, are you ready to prepare a slew of delicious desserts and cocktails using a cream dispenser? 

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