Exploring molecular gastronomy with Smartwhip

There’s a common misconception that cream chargers are only used to produce whipped cream whereas in reality they can also be used for Molekulargastronomie, the bounds of which are endless. As a form of culinary art, it can add a unique element of surprise to dishes and create a superior dining experience.

Nitrous oxide (N₂O) has long been used as a propellant in the culinary world, be it for desserts, drinks or savoury items. Coconut Whipped Cream, Rapid-infused Ceviche und Tzatziki Espuma are just a few mouth-watering recipes that you can create using N₂O. But before we dive into the ‘what’, let’s dig deeper into the science behind these ornate dishes.


Molecular gastronomy with nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide – a colourless gas with a mild, sweetish taste – is extremely soluble in fatty compounds such as cream and oil. This means that the pressurised gas resides in these fatty substances as a liquid. Once the cream dispenser releases the pressurised N₂O, the dissolved gas forms tiny little bubbles which instantly whip up the fatty compound. Using a binding agent (such as xanthan gum or gelatine), even fat-free liquids can be aerated to produce a foamy texture.

Experimenting with molecular gastronomy

Using an N₂O-based cream charger allows you to modify recipes in unexpected ways. Cooking with N₂O is all about allowing the gas to penetrate substances at a molecular level, so the kinds of dishes you can whip up using Smartwhip range from entire desserts to scrumptious sauces, foamy soups and chic espumas.

Twist the Classic Whipped Cream with some Lychee juice or create a delicate Beetroot Foam using coconut oil as a binding agent. For a savoury alternative, give the ordinary pesto sauce a frothy kick and seriously speed up the cooking process by rapidly infusing marinades.

beetroot coconut foam 2

Molecular gastronomy is as much an art as it is a science, and the potential to create novel dishes with alternative textures is limitless. Thanks to the quick-and-easy Smartwhip Creme-Ladegerät, experimenting with this science can be a rewarding undertaking bound to take your kitchen skills to the next level.

Get your Smartwhip system here and explore the ranges of molecular gastronomy. Looking for inspiration? Try one of our many von Köchen kreierte Rezepte unter Verwendung des Smartwhip-Systems.