Smartwhip nitrogen and carbon dioxide

What is Smartwhip?

Smartwhip is a Poland-based company to be the first to market a large disposable cylinder filled with nitrous oxide. A full Smartwhip system consists of a large cream charger and a pressure regulator that can be connected to any cream dispenser.

Smartwhip used in foam workshop by Rui Mota

What's Smartwhip used for?

Chefs and bartenders use Smartwhip to get exact amounts of pressure for achieving the desired texture and intensity of anything that comes out of a cream dispenser.

Smartwhip inspires you to determine exactly how much pressure each creation needs by understanding the relation between foam density and pressure.

See the Smartwhip cream charger in practice

Parts of the Smartwhip cream charger explained

The full Smartwhip system consists of an N2O gas tank and a pressure regulator with custom adapter. The pressure regulator with custom adapter can be connected to any cream dispenser on the market.

Accessories for the Smartwhip system are the Smartwhip wall mount and the Smartwhip cream dispenser – these can be bought separately.

Smartwhip set with wall mount

smartwhip icon

Smartwhip cream charger

With this innovative whipped cream charger, you can have a time-saving cream charging experience and have a much larger amount of nitrous oxide compared to traditional cream chargers.

  • Produced with high graded stainless steel
  • Nitrous oxide (E942 food-grade)
  • Fully disposable and recyclable
  • Conforms to all European laws and regulations
  • Pressure tested at 165 bar


Pressure gauge

A crucial component of Smartwhip is its pressure regulator which allows you to adjust the working pressure or, in other words, the release of nitrous oxide exactly to the amount you need.

  • Used for regulating working pressure
  • Consists of a hose with an easy-click system
  • Easy to handle
  • Prevents excess gas waste


Filling hose

Used as a connector between the cream charger and the cream dispenser.

  • Easy-grip ending
  • Safe and durable
Smartwhip set with wall mount


Custom adapter

Along with the innovative cream dispenser is the custom Smartwhip adaptor used to convert any cream dispenser to be compatible with the Smartwhip cream charging process.

  • Easy click and pull-back method
  • Can be used with any cream dispenser


Wall mount

The wall mount is used to attach the cream charger to the kitchen wall.

  • For a safer, secure, and faster way of charging your cream dispenser
  • Easily detachable for cleaning or replacing the cylinder